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Outsourcing Customer Support Service

Customer Support Services are a Vital Provision of any Business

To maintain positive business core and operation structures, many businesses elect to outsource their customer service provisions. An increase in outsourcing is a direct result of reductions in costs, decrease in internal capabilities and greater demand for channels that provide customer support. Consystent Infotech makes possible a methodical and completely enhanced channel of customer support through enterprise solutions. Our team of professionals receives continuous training and interactive technical experiences to better serve our clients.


Customer Service Provisions


Enterprises thrive on the services we provide their customers because customer satisfaction and solutions of efficiency is our specialty. The services we provide range from 24 hour, 7 days a week chat and email support services that many clients have come to depend on. There are many areas that make these umbrella provisions a mainstream tool of business growth. Customers rely on ease and success of order completion and the chat service provision makes it a simple process by providing immediate responses to customer inquiries. Additional provisions of this service are in the detailed sales assistance and order completion assistance. The customer is happy with the process and our client reaps the benefits by gaining a potential repeat client and possible referrals.


Customer Services


Email Support Provisions


Software Platforms, online tools and ordering can sometimes escalate into unforeseeable challenges. Consystent Infotech provides support via email to help provide immediate solutions to these occurrences. Our team is dedicated to supplying site customers with technical support, order fulfillment and verification of pending and new orders. The greatest benefit exists in the convenience factor that provides customized and meaningful email replies to all customers 24 hours per day and 7 days a week.


The Customer Service Advantage


  • Immediate Improvement to Core Missions of Operations
  • Enhanced support to fulfill the needs of global corporations
  • Paved route of success for all clients to maximize on their return
  • Quality Services that are affordable for all budget allowances
Outsource Customer Service


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