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In an Era of Information Explosion, the task of managing volumes of vital data has become more challenging than ever. Since new-millennium businesses must have ready access to crucial information regarding customers & vendors, products & pricings, markets and financials, organizations look for a secure yet user-friendly interface for efficient document management. Enterprises also require a standardized format to ensure data consistency, as their intellectual capital is often spread across various applications, databases, and legacy systems.


Outsourcing your document management requirements to Consystent Infotech will help you streamline, manage, and control crucial information even more efficiently while you cut down on infrastructural assets and internal resources required for the task. We provide enterprise-wide document management solutions across diverse industry verticals and ensure round-the-clock access to most essential information, so that you may take strategic decisions on time and gain in competitive edge.


Adding Value to Document Management


How you gain


  • Rapid data retrieval through secure, global access
  • Faster turn around time
  • Competitive pricing
  • Predictable costs
  • Trained workforce & application expertise
  • Faster application upgrades
  • Business continuity


Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) speed up communication processes and enhance business productivity through effective information sharing among stake holders. From data processing and digitization through to formatting, indexing, database creation, storage, and retrieval – we offer a full range of cost-competitive, high-quality document management services to put you in total control of the information flow/process of your organization. Consystent Infotech specializes in document lifecycle management and creates effective document directories/databases – thoroughly quality-checked, completely secure, and instantly accessible from multiple locations.


At Consystent Infotech, our Version Control and Quick Search features will save on valuable operational time, while the fail proof archiving/backup facility provides secure access to data and helps reduce storage & media costs.We also sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and provide stringent access control features to safeguard data security and confidentiality.The company has developed a state-of-the-art methodology to meet the varied requirements of new-millennium businesses and here is how we proceed:


Feasibility study

  • Thorough customer briefing for understanding project scope
  • Assessing viability & costs
  • Client approval of deliverables, process, and technology


Migration strategy development

  • Implementation plan created
  • Tools & applications finalized



  • SLA approval
  • Centralized digital project management system for work collaboration in real time
  • Client’s process implemented
  • Operations transferred
  • Performance & quality parameters determined


Operations Management


Operations Management


  • Document imaging, data capture, information processing
  • Formatting, coding & indexing
  • Document storage on secure servers with fail proof backup
  • Performance & Quality monitoring
  • Feedback implementation
  • Document transfer & integration with main EDMS
  • Project delivery


Areas of Specialization


Consystent Infotech caters to leading corporations across the globe and features an extensive service portfolio so that you may leverage the intellectual capital to impact your bottom line.


We specialize in:


CAD Conversion


Consystent Infotech offers a wide array of CAD solutions at competitive pricing to provide you with near-perfect data accuracy and greater flexibility in terms of modifications. In addition, conversion from Raster to Vector will ensure a seamless workflow in tune with your project scope. Besides product modeling and engineering design, CAD services are also employed for high-quality image processing within the scope of GIS (Geographic Information Systems). Our expertise supports latest CAD platforms like Unigraphics, ProEngineer, Auto CAD, Cadra, Catia, MicroStation, Integraph PDS, Rebis AutoPLANT, and SolidWorks.


Litigation Support/Legal Indexing


During discovery management and electronic brief preparation, law firms and legal practitioners across the globe face the challenge of processing and analyzing large volumes of legal documents containing case-related information. Consystent Infotech will provide electronic discovery assistance – capturing, indexing, and managing unstructured data to ensure quick and easy access to critical information.

What we offer:


  • Document imaging
  • Data acquisition, conversion, and retrieval
  • Coding and indexing
  • Version control and intelligent search
  • Database management
  • Web-enablement to allow multiple-user access to information from all locations


Data Capture


Scanning/imaging hand printed/machine printed copies is the primary requirement for creating error-free, great-quality electronic documents. Consystent Infotech employs high-end scanners and the output is sent for further review & processing. Re-scans may be done during the review process to delete errors & omissions, and improve upon poor image quality. Document indexing is done next using XML codes and the final output, along with the associated index information, is electronically transferred to the customer's database.


Forms Processing


Consystent Infotech goes beyond the traditional forms processing and offers a powerful system so that data can be captured from any input format – be it handprints, machine prints, check marks, or bar codes. Information is processed with speed and accuracy, and the final output is delivered to your database after validation & quality checks. Be it invoices, sales, or purchase orders; market surveys, tax statements, or credit card applications; medical/insurance claims or benefit enrollment – we can process all kinds of forms to meet your project requirements.


Mass Data Conversion


Leveraging the latest in software tools and various methods for data extraction, Consystent Infotech undertakes mass data conversion projects to ensure high-quality data digitization, smooth data consolidation, and faster turnaround. Source data/documents are converted ensuring the best possible accuracy and converted documents are finally integrated with the client’s existing EDMS. We mostly cater to industry segments such as Finance, Insurance, Engineering, Research & Analytics, and Healthcare which deal with large volumes of data during day-to-day transactions.




Consystent Infotech has the necessary expertise to convert unstructured mass of data/documents into structured electronic formats like XML and HTML. Developed by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), XML or Extensible Markup Language is one of the latest information management standards in use and has turned out to be an extremely useful system for defining, validating, and sharing documents across diverse platforms. XML conversion ensures that data can be retrieved or reformatted as per your requirements – providing you with greater efficiency, flexibility, and quick turnaround. After document/data capture, XML coding and tags are applied, and the output is carefully proofread and verified for accuracy and compliance with project standards. We will use your specifications (DTDs or schema) for handling projects or help you develop customized XML tagging – hyper-linking to external documents, Internet sites, table of content, and document indexes.

What we do:

Document Management Services


  • Data analysis and DTD/Schema development
  • Determining conversion specifications
  • Pre-migration data clean-up
  • OCR/document capture
  • XML/HTML conversion
  • Proofing, validation, and QC Audits




Whether you are a large publication house looking for archival digitization or a new entrant in e-publishing requiring a complete package including content capture, conversion, multi-formatting, cross-referencing, XML tagging, and artwork managing, Consystent Infotech can be your outsourcing partner of choice. We offer a full suite of data entry, data conversion, imaging, and DTP services to help you carve a niche in the highly competitive e-publishing marketplace.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Data entry & cleansing
  • Data capturing
  • Data/document digitization
  • Data/document conversion
  • File format conversion & multi-formatting
  • Image/photo enhancement & vectorization



Please contact us if you are interested in outsourcing to Consystent Infotech or would like to find out more information about our company. Our Customer Support Team will be glad to assist and reach out to you within 24 hours.

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