Engineering Services

Engineering Services

The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector is rapidly evolving beyond the traditional call centre/contact center services and routine back office operations. Offshore outsourcing to India holds enormous promise as new industry verticals are being explored and manufacturers across the globe face the challenge of integrating technology, design and management for superior performance, reduced time to market, and improved ROI. With the global spending on engineering services predicted to touch $1.1 trillion by 2020, engineering service outsourcing (ESO) is the current wave sweeping the Indian BPO segment and the country will account for 30% of the market share in offshore engineering services. One of the key players in the Indian BPO industry, Consystent Infotech has studied the global trend, developed capabilities & skill sets, and invested in technology platforms to emerge a leading provider of offshore engineering services. We specialize in such domains as architectural, structural, and civil engineering, and offer cost-effective solutions & resources – adding value to your critical business process. Consystent Infotech constantly strives to optimize quality and maximize productivity, so that you may focus on core competencies and achieve business goals.


Core Capabilities


From conceptualization through to planning, designing, fine-tuning, implementation, and logistics & inventory management – Consystent Infotech offers a full spectrum of allied engineering services to overseas clients across diverse industry verticals. Our core capabilities include data digitizing, conversion, and migration; 2D-3D drafting & modeling; conceptual & detailed designing; analysis; styling; product development; validation; and testing – giving ideas and innovations a concrete shape with the focus on the rapidly changing market requirements, fast evolving technologies, and ever-growing demand for impeccable quality. The company provides an exclusive suite of CAD services to ensure flawless project management, faster product design cycles, and reduced costs, while enhancing customer satisfaction and building upon customer loyalty.


Be it a small tool design demanding fast turnaround or a major plant automation, the ESO unit of Consystent Infotech will carry out each task with equal care and efficiency. Our experienced professionals leverage their vast engineering knowledge and extensive industry exposure to act as the offshore arm of your core engineering team. Our better-result engagement models and stringent internal benchmarking further ensure that project executions will follow stipulated timelines, stay within budget, and exceed the quality goals set by our valued clients.


At Consystent Infotech, all project activities are fully integrated with a centralized digital project management system, facilitating client & service teams to work together in real time for information sharing, co-ordination, and process integration. It also benefits our valued customers in terms of close monitoring and better control over each project phase.


Service Portfolio


As manufacturers’ worldwide look for the most competitive, innovative, and cost-effective solutions and development processes largely depend on e-technology – outsourcing to India and Consystent Infotech could mean reduction in cycle time & costs, and improvement in production and process efficiency. From ideation to sustenance – we work as your co-development partner and meet your custom requirements for product design & development. The company caters to renowned engineering/technology firms across the globe and maintains strict confidentiality for foolproof protection of your Intellectual Property Rights.


Our service domains encompass five major fields including:


Our Engineering Services



Areas of Specialization




Modern structures must feature multi-utility spaces with hi-tech facilities and capabilities for 24x7 operations. From initial drafting/drawing through to designing, detailing, CAD conversion, 3D rendering (exterior & interior), walkthrough and cost estimation – our experienced professionals will assist you in every stage so that your master plan may meet all functional and spatial requirements without expensive overheads. We bring the latest CAD technologies and employ a wide range of sophisticated software tools to help you design energy-efficient, environmentally sound buildings/structures and generate accurate cost/benefit analyses.


2D drafting/CAD conversion/digitization


Consystent Infotech offers a full range of planning, drafting & designing services so that architects & builders, engineers & facility managers may focus more on creativity, innovation, and facility optimization while we take pride in executing the flawless groundwork – saving on time and costs. Each project is well-planned to the minutest details to ensure international-standard quality work and faster turnaround time.


We provide 2D CAD drafting and use software like AutoCad to develop shop/construction drawings even from preliminary sketches to ensure greater flexibility and increased productivity.


Our experienced professionals will convert paper or velum drawings into electronic CAD files– drafted atull scale, dimensionally accurate, and conforming to the layer and graphic standards specified by you.


  • Architectural Drawings
  • Mechanical Drawings
  • Electrical Drawings
  • Structural Drawings
  • HVAC Drawings
  • Piping Drawings
  • Instrumentation Drawings


Industry Verticals Addressed


  • Commercial
    Corporate parks, offices, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels & resorts, multiplexes, theaters, entertainment zones & parking lots.
  • Residential
    Independent houses, multistoried residential complexes.
  • Industrial
    Factories, manufacturing units, warehouses.
  • Infrastructure
    Infrastructural facilities, bridge design.
  • Special Structure
    Earthquake-resistant, energy-efficient, or blast-proof buildings.



Industry Verticals Addressed


3D modeling/rendering/walkthrough/flythrough


Moving from the flat, two-dimensional world to the magic reality of 3D calls for skilled expertise and latest technology tools. Using the latest 3D modeling and animation software, we create the most realistic and detailed 3D models, develop drawing/photo hybrids, incorporate high-quality renderings, and photorealistic animations to breathe life into your project and impact your audience. From 3D modeling, rendering, and animation through to walkthrough/flythrough – our wide array of techno-creative solutions will help ensure true-to-life presentations, offer unlimited perspectives, and demonstrate every aspect of a project while you save on time and costs.


Detailing & layering


Minor yet crucial changes are required from time to time to architect a project to perfection. Consystent Infotech specializes in detailing services and comes up with new drawings every time such modifications are made. The standard details are repeated in the new versions though, while the minor changes are featured in details to ensure quality and accuracy. We also undertake layering jobs and create detailed drawings of electrical wiring systems, plumbing plans, and other relevant structures


Bill of Material/estimations


From material estimations to cost estimations and subsequent tender preparations – we offer a full range of services based on detailed plans & accurate specifications.


Special structure designing


The company also helps design special structures such as earthquake-resistant or energy-efficient buildings. At Consystent Infotech, we employ analytical computer graphics and intensive numerical analyses to integrate globally approved seismic safety standards for developmental designing and construction. Post-earthquake repairs also require implementation of seismic safety models and our panel of professionals, with expertise in seismic engineering & geomechanics, will enable you to design the best possible structures for vulnerable, densely populated areas.


Forensic engineering/expert witness


From structural & safety evaluations through to failure analyses, the experienced team at Consystent Infotech is fully equipped to lend proficient services which will help you in fact-finding and enable you to act as an expert witness in a court of law. Be it an engineering disaster or a failed component, we focus on meticulous analysis to locate the causes of failure. Our experts specialize in investigating products, structures, or components which fail or malfunction – so that you may take prompt action and decide upon strategic moves.




At Consystent Infotech, we combine multi-disciplined engineering knowledge and cutting-edge technology platforms to provide world-class solutions across diverse industry verticals. 2D drafting and 3D modeling/rendering are used for product/machine design, tooling, schematics & wiring diagrams, and layout design – so that you may benefit from our fully coordinated drawing/design documents and seamless CAD conversions. We also develop state-of-the-art fire protection & detection systems which comply with global standards. Following are our areas of expertise:


MEP & Industrial Engineering




Consystent Infotech leverages a broad base of engineering expertise and uses the latest in CAD & a plethora of relevant software tools to offer a full range of structural engineering and design services including dynamic and non-linear analysis, 2D drafting, and 3D modeling. Each construction project has its unique challenges and a preview of the proposed structure condition under varied loads and stresses helps build a near-perfect prototype at a minimum cost while ensuring faster turnaround and greater flexibility. We specialize in concrete and steel structures, and also incorporate necessary building components in the drawing/model to ensure accurate, dimension-based creation which will meet your custom requirements and conform to your structural standards. Our engineers have a thorough knowledge of the US and British codes, standards, and practices – so that we can co-ordinate with global companies and be a leader in value engineering.




The backbone of global connectivity, telecommunication designing calls for fast, accurate, and cost-effective solutions ranging from digital schematics creation through to product/facility modeling. At Consystent Infotech, our trained drafters, CAD specialists, and engineers will analyze your requirements and prepare intelligent product/facility models to streamline operations and enhance existing systems/procedures. Our areas of specialization includes:


  • Infrastructure design
  • Network design
  • Cabling design
  • Systems integration


Please contact us if you are interested in outsourcing to Consystent Infotech or would like to find out more information about our company. Our Customer Support Team will be glad to assist and reach out to you within 24 hours.

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