Market Research

Market Research

In today’s fast-evolving global marketplace, organizations must have a thorough understanding of their business environments to keep ahead of the competition and grow exponentially. Effective branding & product positioning depend on accurate market segmentation and detailed understanding of consumer behavior. Leading companies from diverse industry verticals, therefore, opt for a wide range of market research techniques to gain better insight into the demand-supply scenario, competition, market structures, economic trends, and other relevant factors crucial for growth & expansion. A leader in business process outsourcing, Consystent Infotech works closely with renowned firms across the USA, UK, and Europe, and offers a full suite of market research solutions and services to help your business boom.


Partnering You in Growth Initiatives


Based in Bangalore, India, Consystent Infotech gathers, evaluates, and interprets information to help you understand the requirements and behavior patterns of end-users. Using the a variety of techniques and methodologies, the company conducts extensive market research and provides in-depth insight and up-to-the-minute analysis of the changing trends most likely to impact your business. Our integrated services will enable you to get a global perspective of your market – so that you can make strategic business decisions with speed, efficiency, and cost effectiveness.


Consystent Infotech has considerable experience in all mainstream market research techniques including the Quantitative and the Qualitative Methods. Our Quantitative research involves a large number of respondents and helps provide statistically valid data which can be analyzed for market evaluations and predictions. Qualitative research is more subjective though, and we employ diverse techniques for accurate information gathering and defining people’s perspective. We will design effective questionnaires for target audience/focus groups, conduct personal interviews, analyze data, and prepare reports to partner you in creating innovative growth strategies.


At Consystent Infotech, we are committed to aligning the latest technology with Market Research, as enterprises today must feel the pulse of tomorrow in order to corner business success. The company uses a wide range of predictive analytics software to support all survey modes and offers robust data analyses & tabulation services. We employ such advanced tools as SPSS, WinCross, Quantum, or MS Access – designed to identify various data relationships and provide organizations with a complete view of key business metrics and customer trends. We can also process and analyze crucial data using client-specified/proprietary systems and value-check data integrity. Analyses, presentations, and reports will be made available in any suitable format specified by clients.


Service Portfolio


Consystent Infotech is dedicated to delivering cost effective and best quality market research solutions to meet your custom requirements. Our core expertise spans the following services areas:


Research Design

  • Sample Design
    Sampling research subjects is crucial for any successful market survey and Consystent Infotech will help you identify the most relevant demographic groups for a meaningful insight into consumer behavior.
  • Questionnaire Design
    Questionnaire is one of the best means for gathering data. At Consystent Infotech, our highly skilled professionals will assist you with questionnaire designing to ensure valid responses - so that your survey becomes an effective assessment tool.
  • Telephone Interviewing & CATI
    Telephone Interviewing is another effective way of gathering information. Our skilled interviewers have access to a fully networked CATI system (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) used for accurate data collection.
  • Personal Interviewing
    Personal interviewing helps document individual response on a one-to-one basis and the "live" subjects often provide you with a better insight into consumer behavior. Our qualitative studies are conducted by skilled workers who project a professional image on your behalf and gather the required information quickly and accurately.
  • Internet Studies
    Our experts can carry out intensive research on the Internet/World Wide Web to gather relevant and most up-to-date data.
  • Mystery Shopping
    This is another prominent research technique where our people will pose as consumers/buyers to collect information from retail outlets, showrooms etc. The data collected is thoroughly analyzed and the results are utilized for improving service standards and enhancing customer experience.
  • Mail Surveys
    Mail survey is another effective means of gathering vital information. The company utilizes latest online survey & reporting tools to increase consumer reach-out and cut down on the time and costs of marketing surveys.

Market Research


Data Processing


Data processing remains an integral part of our service portfolio. Data gathered and collated from various sources will be tested for relevance and only the required information will be retained. Our team of experienced data coders will then code and convert the data in the specified format requested by the client. A scrupulous quality check is finally undertaken to ensure data accuracy. At Consystent Infotech, we employ the latest techniques for meticulous data analyses and then convert the same into detailed research reports and presentations.



  • Bi Variate & Multi Variate Analysis
    At Consystent Infotech, we not only provide comprehensive reports featuring facts & figures, but also focus on analysis and data interpretation. While the bivariate method will enable you to analyze the relationship between two variables, the multivariate analysis will help you identify the relative importance and underlying relationships among sets of variables. We can also analyze data using any other software specified by you.
  • Advanced Analysis Techniques
    We use a wide range of advanced analysis techniques to help you scan business performances and take speedy business decisions which will impact your bottom line.



  • Charting & Graphics
    Consystent Infotech is an expert in converting research data into highly effective and insightful charts and presentations. We can prepare the same with the level of details as desired by our clients.
  • Report Writing & Data Interpretation
    The company, with extensive experience in report writing, is also capable of drawing most accurate inferences from research findings. We append inferences to research data so that findings can be easily highlighted. Our reports consist of graphical representations, key findings, analysis, recommendations, and conclusions – enabling you to understand the global perspective, identify strengths & lapses, and take the right decision at the right time.


Reporting for Market Research



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