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Staffing services are ideal for assisting employers or businesses with the best candidates available. It is overwhelming and time consuming for businesses to find the right talent to undertake some business core projects. More resources are required to post job adverts, interviewing candidates and finally settling down on the right person for the job in comparison to seeking out staffing agencies.


In ensuring your business runs smoothly, effective staff management is essential. Well managed employees who are constantly trained and evaluated are adept in their position and in serving your clients. In the end, this translates to more profits and satisfied clients, while poor staffing will result in the opposite making your business to lose value.


Outsourcing Service Provider

Consystent Staffing Solutions


Staffing is an innovative and popular concept introduced in the modern business world. Our flexible staffing solutions can serve large, medium as well as small businesses and enable them to meet their strategic goals. Consystent Staffing solutions can provide you with a huge number of skilled professionals to act to your needs and carry out normal or specialized office duties


We manage your business effectively, having extensive experience and being the leader in Information Technology. Consystent is fully equipped to provide remote office assistance to any company globally, in need of staffing solutions.


1. Project Staffing


Our Project staffing solution ensures only the right people are assigned to the right projects in your company. They will:


  • Determine Company Resource Needs based on a project plan.
  • Match Skills to determine the resource allocations for your project's requirement. Consystent supports this process by hiring full-time and contract-based experts in their related fields.
  • Check resources availability to ensure the smooth running during the course of the project.
  • Ensure balanced Resource Allocation through effective resource management.
  • Ensure Employee Motivation


Our project staffing ensures your company’s projects are well undertaken with minimal risks, resource wastage as well as less time consumption.


2. Contract Staffing


In the Indian Market, IT & Non-IT Companies are struggling with issues like:


  • Increasing Competition
  • Volatile Market Demand for quality professionals in their respective fields
  • Drawing and retaining quality talent and,
  • Tight Project Deadlines


Consystent’s strong and experienced contract staffing team can provide assistance to these companies by providing quality staff regularly. Since business operations are experiencing changes and more businesses are turning towards contract placements, we have placed ourselves at the apex of contract staffing. If you are seeking contract employees, look no further than Consystent. Our contract professionals are adept in meeting our client's needs effectively, improving cash flow and completing tasks at a stipulated period within a set pay rate.

In contract staffing, there are usually three components in play.


  • The client. Being the ones in need of a flexible staff to undertake a specific project within a set deadline.
  • The contractor. The employees contracted to undertake the task. They are direct employees of Consystent.
  • The staffing company. The staffing agency is the legal employer of the contractor. They handle aspects like contractor payroll, compensations, taxes, and benefits. This is the role that Consystent will play.


Consystent advantage in contract staffing involves the following:


  • Contractors Availability – Our contractors strategically plan their start and end dates which is great for project work that is time conscious.
  • HR issues – If the contractor designated to you fails to exude confidence in completing the project, you are free to request for an alternate resource and Consystent will assist you with a replacement within a very short turn-around.
  • Work within Budgets – Consystent works relative to your budgets for resources hiring and ensure you get the best and talented minds to work on your projects.


    Consystent understands that time is money and sometimes a company may go without filling a certain position, therefore is not operating at maximum capacity. Rushing to fill these gaps with unfit candidates results in a turnover. It is necessary that companies develop smart, forward-thinking solutions to maximize resources, deliver results effectively and make the most of their time and investment.
    If you are seeking to invest in a flexible workforce, contract staffing may be the best course of action for your company and Consystent will ensure your positions are filled with highly capable individuals.


3. Permanent Staffing


Hiring permanent employees and having them absorbed into your company is a long-term and serious commitment. It is prudent that you ensure you choose the right people and here at Consystent we will assist you to do just that. Our permanent staffing solutions provide you with access to our fully screened and qualified candidates.

Our strong team of consultants completely dedicate themselves to ensure your business achieves its objectives. Our selection process ensures that our clients get the best candidates with the fastest output time at any level.

The candidates shortlisted are most capable of handling and processing uniquely presented challenges in your organization. We have well-laid outsourcing and delivery processes which considerably reduces all costs incurred when you recruit, train and bring new employees on board through Consystent.


4. Staff Outsourcing


At Consystent, we realize that organizations are striving for more effective ways to streamline their secondary processes in order to focus on the core operations. Our staff outsourcing solution enables you to achieve a flexible and productive staff whilst effectively managing costs. You’ll properly match your workload with your workforce, eliminating financial burdens of employing and maintaining extra full-time workers during downtimes.

Our competitive pricing, supply continuity, dedicated contract supervision and predetermined service levels are also part of our staff outsourcing deals.



Why Choose Us?


There are several advantages when organizations choose our staffing solutions in any season.

Staffing Flexibility

We can match your staffing levels relative to your project requirements or workload. We also have quick setup process compared to lengthy direct placement cycle and there is an option to get a replacement any time


Maintain Budget Set Down

By accelerating the pace at which projects must be completed through our staffing placements, organizations remove any unnecessary overhead costs.


Sole-Staffing Source

Consystent reduces administrative responsibilities by limiting the number of vendors to select your staff from. We are a one-stop shop for all your staffing needs and have access to full-time and contract employees nationally as well as globally.


No Need for Layoffs

As an organization, you’ll eliminate the diminished employee morale impact associated with downsizing.


Our Staffing Process


i. Understand your Organization Requirements

First, we understand the client, we spend time comprehending their business, objectives, culture and the business background. We can also schedule a visit to your workplace and perform our assessment. This is the preliminary step in ensuring we select the ideal candidate you are seeking.


ii. Customize a Recruitment Plan

Once we have obtained all the necessary details, we then develop a tailor-made recruiting plan. Our large network of job seekers and talented candidates provide us with individuals who are not currently active in any employment and might be seeking a good offer.


iii. Shortlisting and Verifying Candidates

Once we pull out matching candidates from our network pool, we begin with interviews in order to shortlist potential candidates for your organization. The shortlisted candidates have the necessary hard and soft skills that fill out your profile. In addition, we conduct detailed background checks, and verify their work history and professional references and choose the most ideal candidate for the requirement in your organization.


iv. Finalize the Job Offer

We provide assistance with the final job offer, manage negotiations, and secure the signed letter of acceptance from the selected candidate. We also do follow-up processes where we work with the organization and the candidate to ensure a smooth operation during the boarding process.


Find the Ideal Employees for Your Organization


In this today’s dynamic market, it is difficult finding reliable talent to meet your organizational needs. Consystent Staffing Solutions sources and recruits the best candidates with the potential of becoming permanent assets for your organization. Don’t waste precious time, money and resources sorting through resumes and interviewing unqualified candidates, let us deal with your staffing needs while you focus on core business aspects.


At Consystent, you can rely on our dedicated recruiters to find the perfect employees to replenish your numbers during the high season or to increase staff strength. We create the perfect employment matches for our clients and ensure you get the most suitable staff, ready to work hard and perform to your expectations.


We not only just react to a specific crisis, but also we partner with our clients to anticipate and rapidly and effectively solve all their needs in a cost-effective manner. We provide contract staffing solutions, project, and permanent staffing solutions as well as outsourcing staffing solutions. Consystent employs professional and highly skilled human resources from a wide range of industry and follows a well-structured process flow to ensure constant quality monitoring and timely delivery.




Please contact us if you are interested in outsourcing to Consystent Infotech or would like to find out more information about our company. Our Customer Support Team will be glad to assist and reach out to you within 24 hours.

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