Virtual Staffing

Virtual Staffing

A fairly innovative but increasingly popular concept, virtual staffing can serve businesses both big and small, as enterprises today require flexible staffing solutions to meet their strategic needs. Whether you are a successful home office looking for project-specific expertise or a large organization hard-pressed for extra office space and additional staffing, Consystent Infotech can provide you with a large pool of skilled professionals who will act as your as Virtual Assistants and carry out routine office duties or specialized tasks from a remote location at a fraction of the original cost likely to be incurred by a well-equipped facility.


We Manage Your Business


As a leader in business process outsourcing with extensive industry experience, Consystent Infotech has the ability to act as a veritable human resource outsourcing (HRO) firm and is fully equipped to offer remote office assistance to any organization in the world in need of virtual staffing.


Contracting your work to Consystent Infotech in Bangalore, India, will help you get the best professionals without investing into infrastructural overheads or long-term salary obligations while your virtual assistants deliver a wide spectrum of administrative, managerial, technical, and support services to meet your custom requirements.


How you gain


  • Most suitable human resources
  • Cost as low as USD $3.00 - $9.00 per hour
  • Working hours as per your time zone
  • Time logs to verify staff attendance
  • Direct management of staff (toll free number)
  • Remote monitoring
  • Quicker turnaround
  • No additional costs for infrastructure or payroll commitments
  • No long term deposits/set-up fees
  • Free trial offer for 2 weeks


Virtual Staffing


Our core areas of expertise include:


  • Bookkeeping, Ledger Management & General Accounting
  • Secretarial Services (Word Processing, Correspondence and Reports) * Data Entry Services
  • Database and Diary Management
  • Desktop Publishing
  • E-Mail (Mass Mailing) Management, Newsletters, and Business Publications
  • Audio Transcription


Virtual Staffing Service


Seamless Workflow, Ethical Integrity


Consystent Infotech employs highly skilled human resources from a wide range of industry verticals and follows a well-structured process flow to ensure constant quality monitoring and timely delivery. In addition to professional skills, all your virtual office assistants are proficient in MS Office, MS Word, and other relevant applications.


Your virtual staff will have access to state-of-the-art technologies and most advanced means of communication so that you can be in constant touch with them regardless of geographical boundaries and monitor the work – round the clock and throughout the year from anywhere in the world. You can communicate over a toll free number and send necessary instructions/input via e-mail, toll free fax, or FTP. Your remote employees will observe due diligence, abide by your ethics & integrity, and follow the same quality standards which remain an intrinsic part of your process excellence. With Consystent Infotech as your business strategist, you can leverage the varied expertise of global resources at a nominal cost while we take care of your day-to-day activities and ensure faster turnaround and secure delivery to make your venture a roaring success.


Please contact us if you are interested in outsourcing to Consystent Infotech or would like to find out more information about our company. Our Customer Support Team will be glad to assist and reach out to you within 24 hours.

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